Identity. Diversity. Leadership.


My teaching strategy aims to create learning-centered environments where the students and I may critically engage with research and derive knowledge from our lived experiences. My various teaching assignments and experiences in large lectures to small seminars, in addition to my enriched learning from training at the University of Michigan's teaching center inform my pedagogy.

At the University of Michigan, I've taught 3 courses in the Psychology Department as the Graduate Student Instructor. Each semester, I led three sections of 25-30 undergraduates. I've also worked as a Teacher's Assistant for 2 courses at the Ross School of Business where I assisted the primary instructor with grading MBA level coursework. I culminated my teaching experience as the Lead Instructor of my own seminar on identity and diversity in organizations for senior level undergraduates. I've included more detailed information regarding these courses and the feedback I've received from the students below.  

Bringing Your Whole Self to Work: Identity, Diversity, and Organizations (Winter 2016) Evaluation: Overall, the instructor was an excellent teacher: Median: 5/5

This special seminar explores how organizations encourage or discourage employees from being their full authentic selves at work. Sample course topics include 'Exploring the Ideal Worker Myth,' 'Constructing Positive Work Identities,' and 'Changing Identities (Parenting and Aging) at Work.' We derive knowledge on these topics from personal experiences, exercises and assessments, contemporary examples, and scholarly research on the subject. Syllabus is available upon request.

Representative quote: "I really appreciated the construction of the course and the variety in assignments, projects, activities, and general instruction. Additionally, the fact that Courtney was so committed to being a great instructor really made me feel comfortable in the course - she was very willing to listen to any feedback we had about the course and her instruction, and she really made our learning the center of the course. It was a great class to be in and I am very happy that I decided to be in this class. :)"

Teaching Assistant for the Department of Management and Organizations (Ross School of Business) 

  • Bargaining and Influence Skills: Negotiating Strategy in a Global Economy (Winter, 2013) MBA elective                    
  • Leading People and Organizations (Fall 2012, Fall 2013, Fall, 2014) MBA core course
  • Leading People and Organizations (Winter 2013, Winter 2014) Executive MBA course                                

Position Responsibilities:

  • Consult with faculty supervisors to evaluate student responses to case studies and leadership development exercises
  • Compiled grade spreadsheets and determined grade distributions
  • Audited lectures and small team exercises