Rising To The Top: The Importance Of Resources For Women Of Color Blog Post for Catalyst Inc., October 15, 2015

“I’ve benefited a lot personally and professionally from acquiring social and financial resources. Yet accessing and retaining these resources can be tedious for women of color. It’s more challenging for minority women to foster genuine connections to well-resourced individuals in their companies because of racial and gender biases…” Read more here.

For the Bible Tells me So: Justifying Gender Discrimination Based on Biblical Text Op-Ed for the National Center for Institutional Diversity, August 10, 2018

“Political conservatives often claim to base their value system on Christianity and Biblical doctrine. This was remarkably clear when Jeff Sessions casually referenced scripture to support obeying the law “of the land” (Romans 13:1–5) in support of the zero tolerance policy separation of children from parents at the US-Mexican border. Selecting components of the Bible to support political beliefs is very common…Although the United Methodist Church charged Sessions for disseminating doctrine contrary to the standards of the church in his social and political role —  — churches continue to leverage the Bible to support inequality within the church…” Read more here.